Friday, January 25, 2002

Day 19

Good News Everyone!

She had an MRV test done yesterday (like an MRI only they put dye into the blood stream so you can see the blood flow & it shows a better picture of the brain).

Anyways...the lesion that she has is no longer clogged & there is blood flowing through it! Which means we have a better chance of her having a full recovery from the trauma that she has suffered!! THANK GOD!

She was also wide eyed & alert last night & drank 30 cc's (1 oz) in 15 min with the bottle!!! That is the best progress yet!

Her seizures are still continuing (if that's what they are). She was transported to another hospital last night for a 6 hour test today. This should once & for all tell us whether or not the twitches she is having are seizures or just normal movements (much like a reflex) because the central nervous system is not developed yet.

Thanks to all who are praying.

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