Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Day 23

Her seizures seem to be getting better. She consumed 15 cc’s by bottle at her 8:00 am feeding today. Had a chance to speak with the doctor & they want to run another test, this one requires more blood drawn & a spinal tap. She has an appointment scheduled for Feb 20th at 8:00am to be seen by a pediatrics neurologist when they come from Seattle for their quarterly visit. One of the doctor’s talked to a pediatrics neurologist yesterday & he recommended another drug to try. So now she is on 3 medications.

They have sent her MRI & EEG films to Seattle for further review (finally!)

When I got there this morning, the nurse informed me that they had to move her IV again, and this time, they put it in her forehead L. But when they pushed the drugs through, it caused her forehead to bruise, so now she has a different type of IV in her foot which requires her to have a constant substance going into the vein to keep it open. Poor thing.

Her range of motion still continues to progress, which is a good thing!

They have also put her back on the every 3-hour feeding schedule because her glucose was down. I don’t think she likes that at all…she would much rather have a 4-hour feeding schedule! So would her Mom!

I think that's all of my news for today, we still don't have the results of yesterday's EEG (yes they did another one...make that her 4th).

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