Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Day 38

Well, I’m not sure what to say. Brianna is tolerating breast milk just fine & is getting 60 cc’s every 3 hours thru the G-Tube. That’s the good news. The bad news…ever since the night of the 11th, she has been having apnea spells. She quits breathing & has to be stimulated to start breathing again. She had 8 in a half hour the first night. She went all day yesterday without any problems until last night. She started doing it again. This time, it has continued through the night & is still continuing now. The only thing that can be done about it at this point is play with the medication to get it to work right for her. They are going to increase the dose of Topomax & give it to her every 8 hours instead of every 12 & see what happens. The reality that we may have to face is that medication may not stop what is happening; only time will tell.

We are still waiting for Seattle to get their act together & find somebody that has compatible software to read the video EEG. Dr Pollack said to me this morning that he is sure it will be read, we just have to find somebody that can read it. We are holding off doing another MRI until it is read. If it hasn’t been read by Monday, they will do the MRI anyways. They are hoping however, to have it read so that Dr Millstein has the information before heading up here next Wednesday.

Dr Pollack’s opinion on what is happening:

The insult to the brain is not getting worse, but rather her brain reacting differently as she is getting older because she is trying to process more information now & her brain just isn’t handling it, therefore causing more seizures.

She was awake & alert while I was there this morning & was even talking to me. I just wish she could tell me what was going on. Dr Pollack even mentioned that as he was leaving. He was also showing many signs of sincere condolences. Basically telling me to be patient & that he is sorry for what is happening; without saying a word to me. It was comforting. The doctors have been reiterating a lot lately, that nothing that I did during pregnancy caused this. I guess they feel that I still might be blaming myself. I am past that now. I just wish I could step in & take this away from her.

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