Saturday, March 16, 2002

Day 69

I only have a minute as I haven't showered yet & I'm starved!

Brianna is still doing very good. I haven't sent out any updates
recently because there hasn't been anything to tell about. I caught
her awake this morning & she was up for 3 hours. It was beautiful.
She talked away & looked at me the whole time. I've been waiting for
that to happen again for days. Brought tears to my eyes.

Gave her a full bath last night to wake her up a bit. Then massaged her & did range of motion. She really loosened up & enjoyed it. I think massage is a good thing for her. In fact I'm going to get trained on how to do it the right way on Monday by the physical therapist. She has started to hold her head up a little bit too. Way to go girl! She is still having some problems maintaining her secretions, but she is starting to master coughing so hopefully that will help.

I bought a baby Bjorn front carrier yesterday at Babies R Us. Put her in it last night while I was cross stitching (yup took that up to...switch between knitting & cross stitching!) It was great. She was sleeping the whole time, but it allowed her legs to be spread apart a bit & kept her arms out too. She seemed to be very comfortable & so was Mom. My arms didn't go to sleep from holding her & I could do something else while still keeping her close to me. It was great!

I am holding up fairly well, just staying positive & hope that we will be back home soon. Well...tummy is growling & hair is feeling pretty gross! So I will email again later. Feel free to email me anytime...I look forward to getting emails from
everyone. Brightens up my day & makes me feel a little closer to home.

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