Monday, February 10, 2003

Amanda LeAnne's Journey Begins!

Amanda was born via a water birth at 12:08pm at the Geneva Woods Birth Center on her Mother's birthday after 11 hours of labor. Best birthday present I could have ever received (also the most work & pain I will ever have on my birthday!).

As she was being born, I reached down & pulled her to my chest. She came crying her lungs out & didn't have to be suctioned at all. She started nursing within 5 minutes of being born, another unbelievable feeling. Her Apgar scores were 10's. A healthy perfect baby girl. I couldn't be more blessed. As you can imagine, things were quite emotional at the time we heard her first cry. My best friend Sara was watching Kevin at that moment to see his reaction, she says that she could see the relief worry lift from his face and he began to cry, as we all were. This experience is something I will never be able to completely put into words.

God has truly given us, a perfect baby. I'm sure all of you are feeling some of the same emotions that our families are. Thank you for letting us share our lives with you & for continuing to keep us close to your hearts & in your prayers. We couldn't have done it without each & every one of you.

Aside from her sleeping during the day & up most of the night, we are doing great. We couldn't be more happy & worry free, then we are at this moment in time. Let the good times roll!

Hugs & Prayers,
Kevin, Jamie, & Sweet Baby Amanda

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