Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I arrived at Jacob's bedside about 9am today. The Dr was already there for the EMG getting things setup. There are two ways they test the muscles, in both cases, there are wires attached to little strips of paper that are adhered to Jacob's skin. The first way is by using a probe that sends a shock similar to static electricity, the second way is using a needle that punctures the muscle & records what it does when it's relaxed & retracted.

Jacob was awake when I arrive, first time he had been that awake for a few days. Was great to see his eyes so open & alert. He was really checking out the Dr -- just wondered what was going through his mind -- quit poking & shocking me probably! hehe

The test took about an hour & a half. When all was said & done, the muscles appear to be normal. This means he doesn't appear to have any peripheral nervous system damage, it's all central nervous system. Finally, something positive.

After the test was done, I was going to head back to work. Then I remembered the tech would be down sometime today to hook him back up to another 24 hour EEG, so I decided to hold him for a while instead, since I wouldn't be able to later. Just as I got him all settled in my arms, the tech arrived. The look I gave her I'm sure spoke a million words! I asked if she could give me just 30 minutes. She said the Dr wanted it started 2 hours ago. I said, that wouldn't have been possible, he was undergoing the other test! She offered to come back after 15 minutes, I was persistent & said 30! She finally agreed & off she went. She ended up not coming back for an hour.

After the last couple of days, I knew Jake & I just needed some alone time. He calmed down as soon as he got in my arms, which of course makes me feel even more guilty for not being there more often, sigh. It was a sweet moment hanging out in our private room with the curtain closed. Very peaceful.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday: While I was talking with Dr Parrish, I asked if she would get some primary nurses for him. Jacob needs consistency. It's very hard to report back to Dr A. Johnson Jacob's status if the same nurses aren't taking care of him, especially since I can't possibly be there 24/7. Today, his nurse on duty was asked if she would be one of the primaries, which she has agreed to! Hopefully this will help Dr A. Johnson tremendously.

Overall Status: Stable
Visitors: None

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