Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm so happy to report another mild day in the NICU! Jacob had his usual alert times around feeding time & is continuing to show signs of sucking/swallowing. In fact, at his 5:00pm feeding, he ate 3 cc's by bottle! By the way, for those that are wondering, 1 cc=1 ml; 30 cc's = 1 ounce. So it's a very small amount but it is for sure a start. Although most of it was from the bottle dripping in his mouth, he did clamp down on it a few times & he didn't choke on any of it. I heard good swallows. I didn't see any Dr's today, so nothing more to report there.

While the occupational therapist was there today, he was alert & relaxed. He was doing so well that we had to decrease his oxygen & put him on room air for a while! Yippee!! Although when he went back to sleep, we had to turn it back on...he just gets too comfy while sleeping.

Jake & I rested in the lazy chair most of the day while visiting with our friends & family that stopped by. I did browse through some new scrapbook magazines while we hung out & even managed to strike up some conversations with a few NICU staff who are interested in attending Crop for Cancer this!! Speaking of, if anybody reading this lives near Anchorage & loves to scrapbook, I've got tickets & they go on sale August 15th! *wink

Well I think that's about it for this entry, let's hope for some more progress tomorrow!

Overall Status: Good Day
Visitors: Heather, Grandma & Grandpa, & Becky
Dinner Provided By: The Cagley's

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