Saturday, August 13, 2005

Noni & Papa picked up Amanda this morning for the weekend so Kevin & I could spend some time together alone as well as with Jake. Jake is having a rough day. He's struggling to breathe & his blood has a trace of carbon dioxide. They have increased his flow of oxygen which will hopefully help him out a bit. We've also been placing him on his belly which appears to help him breathe better.

Dr A. Johnson stopped by to tell us the results of the EEG. He's been able to review 15 of the 17 hours. Jake had 13 seizures in those 15 hours, however, the video portion of the test failed so he was unable to tell us what movements he was making at the time of the seizures. He also stated that most of them occurred between 11pm and 4am. Once he received his medication at 5am the seizures stopped & he was relaxed. He's ordered that the medications be staggered a bit to see what happens with the seizures then. He'll receive medication every 6 hours now.

He's also doubled the Keppra medication in hopes to decrease the Klonopin, which he believes is the reason for the respiratory distress and he's ordered another EEG be done on Monday.

That's about all to report for today. Hopefully it's just a little hurdle to get over & more good days are to come.

Overall Status: So-So Day
Visitors: Laura

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