Saturday, August 20, 2005

There hasn't been too much change in Jacob's status. He's having well over 60 seizures in a 24 hour time frame. Dr A. Johnson was in today to discuss what the next approach will be. He is now feeling pretty confident that the Keppra could be the reason for the increase in seizures, seems how every time we increase the dose, the seizures multiply. We are going to wean Jacob off the Keppra by tomorrow morning. The medicine has a half life of 15 hours so by tomorrow evening it should be out of his system.

They were originally going to do a slower wean because they weren't sure what the side affects would be, however, my gut truly thinks the meds are doing him more harm, so I requested they wean him faster.

Jacob goes in for surgery Tuesday to have the gastrostomy tube put in, a nissen fundoplication performed, as well as a muscle biopsy of the right quad. He will need to be intubated & because his lungs aren't fully expanding, extubation could take anywhere from 3 days - 2 weeks (or longer), however, it's necessary for surgery.

Jacob is also having a harder time handling his secretions & I believe due to the medication, they have gotten thicker, causing a problem with his saturations. Sometimes it all gets stuck in the back of his throat, causes dramatic heart rate drops (to 40-60 bpm) and oxygen level saturations of 20-30%. VERY dangerous numbers.

That dang Keppra has caused nothing but more problems, I can only hope he starts to get better after this is out of his system.

He will continue to be on the EEG monitor until surgery so that we can keep a close eye on what the seizure activity is doing as he is weaned from the medication.

Overall Status: Stable
Visitors: None
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