Wednesday, August 31, 2005

When I arrived this morning, Jacob was on more oxygen & the nurse informed me a sample of his secretions had been sent to the lab to test for infection. Jacob's secretions have gotten worse over the last couple days & he's been having a harder time breathing. The culture came back positive, he's got an infection, which isn't uncommon for somebody on a ventilator. So guess what? Jake got another IV put in today for the antibiotics & they also sent a blood culture to make sure the infection isn't in his blood stream. It will be a couple days before we know the answer to that.

What does this mean? There will be no attempt of extubation while the infection is there, which will most likely be 5-7 days. Uggggg

Dr Roderick Smith came for the consult visit with us today. He talked with us for a while & then reviewed Jacob's ever growing chart. When he returned, he pretty much said the same thing that all the others's a mystery. He does have a few ideas for some additional testing that can be done. He's going to talk with Dr A. Johnson & compile a list.

We have scheduled a family care conference for Friday afternoon where both pediatric neurologists will be there. I'm not sure what exactly will come out of the meeting, but I do know it's mainly to get everybody on the same page as well as ask Kevin & I some tough questions that the doctor's need answers for in order to best care for Jacob if things turn for the worse.

Jacob did have a better day today in regards to jitters/twitching. He was pretty relaxed all day & his muscle tone was much better. Again, he showed no awake times. Maybe tomorrow I'll see those pretty eyes again.

Overall Status: Good
Visitors: Grandma & Grandpa

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