Sunday, September 11, 2005 first night back home. Today, we've had a little setback. Jacob's CO2 level has started to climb & was increased over yesterday, however, it's still considered good. The fear is his body is starting to compromise because he just can't keep his lungs expanded enough. He also had an x-ray today that showed his left lung on the verge of collapsing again...arggg So, Jacob spent most of the day on his belly, which helps to keep the pressure off his lungs, and he seemed to love it.

Dr A. Johnson called for a status this evening & although his oxygen saturations are still doing good, we have had to increase the percentage of oxygen he's getting. Jacob also had some bradycardia (drop in heart rate) events today. It's unknown if it's his lack of breathing that's causing the brady's or if seizures have caused them, or a combination of both.

Instead of continuing to increase the oxygen, knowing that he's most likely compromising, Dr A. Johnson asked that we put the NCPAP back on. We will do another CO2 check & x-ray tomorrow morning to see if the NCPAP has helped to correct the problem.

We've also added Keppra back in the lineup within the past couple of days due to increased seizures. As of today, his seizures did seem to be less often, which is good.

Overall Status: So far so good!
Visitors: Celeste

Now onto something a little off the page. A couple weeks ago, you may recall in one of my daily updates, I had mentioned something that I was working on, but it was too soon to share it with everyone. It's now time.

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