Thursday, September 8, 2005

I'm staying at the hospital tonight to be closer to Jacob so I don't have the means to update his website, however I do have access to my email!

Jacob was extubated at 7:00 PST. As of right now, he is doing REMARKABLY well!!! We just did a CO2 check at 10:00 PST and its better then normal! It's right where it should be!

He's currently on a NCPAP (Nasal Constant Positive Air Pressure). This is in his nose similiar to a nasal canula, but instead of just flowing oxygen it gives a little pressure to hopefully keep his lungs open. He is also on his belly which he seems to really enjoy. Being on his belly will allow the secretions to stay more in his mouth instead of draining into his lungs. He's doing a lot of "eh heming" trying to clear out his throat which is a good sign, now he just needs to get the coughing down & he'll be clearing out his lungs in no time.

They won't do another CO2 check until 7:00 PST tomorrow morning, unless something tells them otherwise. Right now he is just doing wonderful. I'm not trying to get my hopes up too much quite yet, but so far I think he's amazed all the's praying he'll keep it up!

He goes in for the 6 hour sleep study tomorrow morning at 10:00 PST as long as he continues to do as well as he is.

I'll try to come back again sometime tomorrow to update you some more.

Keep those hard core prayers coming!

Overall Status: So far so good!
Visitors: Colleen, Sara & Jared
Dinner Provided By: Colleen, Sara & Jared

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