Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Veterans Day -- In Honor of Kevin

Kevin emailed me yesterday asking if I had any photos scanned of him while he was in the Marines. His employer is honoring veterans who work there today & wanted it for a slide show of some sorts.

Well, me being the scrapbooker that I am, couldn't settle on just a here's the layout I created!

Kevin's reaction was: Big goes away...looking intently...smiles big again..."This is Cool!"...

Then after really loving it...says..."there should be a bronze star in the middle of the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon"...and "I'm a traditionalist...if you're going to have the Creed of the US Marines, you have to have the whole thing!" Finally he said, "I enlisted in May 1991, but didn't actually ship off until January 1992."

Ok, fine! I'll go fix it for you! All in all, his reaction to the work I did was priceless!

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