Monday, May 11, 2009

The 1st Tooth is Out!!

The story went something like this…

We had just arrived at the Macaroni Grill for dinner and Amanda started wiggling one of her 2 loose teeth.
“Mommy look, it’s really loose!”
“Wow”, I said. “You know what would be really cool? If you would pull that tooth out on Mother’s day, I would always remember when you lost your first tooth!”
(reached in, gave a yank, and out it came)
With eyes real wide, she looks amazed at her talents!
“MOMMY, IT’S OUT!!!” “I DID IT!!!”

She couldn’t stop talking about it, she was so excited she lost it on Mother’s Day!

When we arrived home, we carefully placed it in a container, and headed upstairs to bed. She placed on a plastic part of her headboard, so the pillow wouldn’t move it around too much! Once there, she sat on her knees and started clapping, smiling with so much happiness!

Fast forward to this morning…”MOMMY, the TOOTH FAIRY CAME!! She CAME MOMMY!! And guess what?!?!? She took my tooth and left me $5 dollars!!!!” (when did teeth become so expensive?!)

As she stands by my bed, she seems to be sad all of a sudden, so I ask “What’s wrong?”
“I want my tooth back”, she said
I started laughing, and said “that tooth is gone forever! Time for the next one!!”

The tooth fairies were giddy as they replaced her tooth with money, I told Kevin I was so happy we were both in town for this momentous occasion – so fun!

So there ya have it – enjoy the pics! The one of her eyes real wide is about the same look she had when she realized the tooth was between her fingers and the one where she is smiling wide reminds me of her reaction as she placed the tooth under her pillow.


"Kreative Karma" said...

Wowza! That's the same one Hunter lost first! Congrats Amanda!

Angie Moltzan said...

Super cute! I love that it happened on Mother's Day.

Candejo said...

Jamie, she is such a beautiful little girl - how your heart must sing every time you look at her! My granddaughter is just now almost 6 (OHMY, can you believe it!) and she just lost her first tooth. LOL Miss your smiling face at old BoB.