Monday, January 3, 2011

{Project Life} Gun Show, Nintendo, and Project Life for Kids

January 1 - Ken attended the gun show with Brian today...maybe he's coming home with a new toy...we'll see! I guess this is what happens when I buy him a years membership to a gun range! (verdict, he came home practically empty handed...just a mat to clean them...shew!)

January 2 - Blending the old and the new. Graphics and technology have come a long way since I played Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo, some 20 years ago! Watching Amanda play the 'old school' games really brought it into perspective for me!

January 3 - I wanted a way to include Amanda in the Project Life adventure as a means for us to have some quality time together doing something we both love...being creative. When I told her we were going to do a year long project together, her eyes beamed with excitement! Today we searched out the perfect album for her to capture her memories, a basic photo album to store the pictures until they make it into the perfect album and a few embellishments to go alone with it! She couldn't wait to get home and start on it right her's contagious!
(I'll be sharing more ideas on how I'll be helping her achieve this goal soon...stay tuned!)


CMS said...

Jamie! It is Crystal from our long-ago Best of Board days. I just wanted to let you know, I am reading all your posts ;-)

Tanya @ said...

You'll be grateful for that little mat he brought home. It will protect your furniture from gun cleaners and grease. :)