Friday, January 18, 2002

Day 12

I sit here crying like a blubbering fool. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I must say the power of prayer works wonders. Brianna was awake at all 3 feedings that I could be with her today (12, 4, & 8) she made a great attempt to breastfeed. More so today than any other day. Keep those prayers coming...each one makes this bond that much stronger.

msgmc ~ I hope that I am so lucky. She is also on Phenobarbital & it appears to be controlling her seizures. She is also having hyper tonic muscles (which means that her arms & legs don't have much flexibility, but as you exercise them, she loosens up). They are running tests to see if she has a muscle disorder....I pray they come back negative.

The eye doctor came in today & had her eyes dilated...he took a look at the nerves behind her eye to make sure none of them were damaged. He said all looked great. Thank God. The doctor on duty tonight said that was a very good sign.

Each test that they run...comes back looking positive. I am very grateful for that...but at the same time hope that they find a prognosis soon.

Thanks again for all of your prayers! I will keep you updated.

Had her first bath today – she looked like she really enjoyed it. Brenda, her favorite daytime nurse (I mean, the daytime nurse that says Brianna is her favorite!)

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