Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Mommy and Daddy

Author Unknown

I have left you now,
But please do not cry
For I am with God,
And with great Joy I am here to tell you

I am your special angel
On the wings of pure love
One of exquisite beauty
From heaven above.

I have been sent to you
Just so you will know
I care so much about you
And wanted to tell you so.

I am your special angel
To call upon as you need me,
even though you can no longer see me
To comfort, love, and guide
In everything you do.

My soft wings will gather
Close around your soul
When you feel that touch
from "no where'
Then you will know.

I have promised to protect you
To keep you safe from harm
To take away the dark fears
To make your heart light and warm.

Trust in me - your "angel"
And you will feel me all around
In your time of loneliness
Is when I will be found.

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