Sunday, June 16, 2002

5 Months 10 Days - Farewell Sweet Brianna

Kevin & I have been camping out non-stop at the hospital. They have moved us to a private room where we are the only caregivers for her. I gave her a bath today & she smells really good now. Family & Friends have been coming by to visit & keep us company. It has been a rough couple of days.

Later on…

Brianna gathered all of our family together tonight to say her farewells. I had either received a phone call 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after from family members that could not be there. All other family members were present when she passed. We were getting her ready to go outside for some fresh air. I had just put on some socks to keep her feet warm. I lifted her up from Kevin’s mother, gave her a kiss on the cheek & took a look at her. I began to hand her to Kevin, when I stopped to look at her again & noticed her eyes were open. I said ‘Kevin her eyes are open’, then I heard her take her last breathe. I looked at Kevin & then her again, & began to cry even harder. There were 2 requests that I asked of her, that she open her eyes one last time so that I can see them, and that Kevin or I be holding her. She did one better, we were both holding her.

Kevin & I stayed with her for 3 hours after she passed. She looked so peaceful. I know that she is not hurting anymore. Like my mom said ‘She never cried, but she is singing with the Angels now.’ How true that is. She will forever be my guardian Angel.

Died June 16, 2002

8:40 pm

15 lbs

24 1/2" Long

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