Friday, February 1, 2002

Day 26

Had a little progress this am feeding her. She seemed to be swallowing a little better & wasn't so congested. Only took about 8-9 cc's though. Turns out there was some irritation, when they checked to make sure all of her food was digested before her 8:00 pm feeding, they pulled old blood out of her tummy. We are guessing that happened when they put the catheter down her throat to suction out some of the mucus on Wednesday.

It also dawned on me last night, that what she has is probably a cold! I had one last week, started about Tues/Wed, Kevin started showing signs of the cold about the same time Brianna started having congestion. So that's probably all it is! And since today was better in the amount of congestion, she may be getting better! Here's hoping anyways.

Talked with Prick Doctor last night. He spoke with Seattle about her MRI & EEG yesterday afternoon. They aren't so sure that there is a good amount of blood flowing through the blood clot that she has in her brain, they (Seattle) are going to look at it a little closer. They also agreed that her brain is smaller than normal. I asked if the brain could catch up to her, Dr Jacob said if her head continues to grow along with her body than that is a very good sign. It had grown .5 cm within a week & he wants to wait & see what it measures next week. If it grows .5 cm every week, then he would be very happy about it. So that is what we are striving for!

They (Seattle) have only looked at the EEG prior to the Video EEG (also prior to the seizures kicking in full blown again). They didn't see any seizure like activity on that one (nor did the folks here). It wasn't until the Video EEG, that the movements were determined to be seizures. Seattle hasn't taken a look at it yet, hopefully they will today.

She weighed in at 7 lbs 6.5 oz last night! Growing like a weed!

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