Saturday, February 2, 2002

Day 27

Of the 83 cc’s she is getting, Brianna took 45 cc’s in 30 min at her 4 am feeding! We were all so excited! Unfortunately she hasn’t been very consistent. Her 8 am feeding was only 20 cc’s. But it’s not always the amount that she takes, it’s the effort.

The nurse discussed getting a gastrostomy tube put in her stomach. She feels that it will be a while before Brianna is taking full feedings on her own. We are getting closer to her coming home & having the surgery will cause her to stay in the hospital for another week. So the sooner that we decide to do it we will be one step ahead when she is ready to come home. After seeing her progress quite a bit this weekend I was a little hesitant on doing the surgery, but since she isn’t consistent, it just might be the right thing to do. Then I can work on her feedings on her own schedule (when she is hungry) rather than their schedule.

Clipped her fingernails for the first time.

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