Thursday, February 7, 2002

Day 32

Today is surgery day. The results of the upper GI came back yesterday & it's a good thing we did that. Come to find out a 1/3 of her stomach is in her chest (hyatal hernia (spelling). This could be contributing to her breathing issues & eating issues. Here's hoping anyways. Doctors say it's a good chance that's what has been causing it, but because of her central nervous system issues, that may still cause it.

So the surgeon will be fixing that, inserting a G-Tube, & fixing the valve to the esophagus because it tends to be weak so might as well fix it while he is in there.

Kevin & I are getting pretty impatient. We are definitely starting to lose a little strength. Hopefully it will pass & we will stay strong. We are pretty irritable right now. Luckily we aren't venting AT one another, but rather WITH one another. That's all we need right now, is being at each other's throats!
It's getting tiring that's for sure. Especially when there is more bad news to be told.

We have however received all pending test results & they have all come back negative. YAY!! I am grateful for that, but at the same time, I just wish we had some answers.

Say some extra prayers today for all of us. Her surgery is at 3:00 pm EST. I'll let you know how things went.

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