Saturday, February 9, 2002

Day 34

I don't have much news to give everyone right now (I guess that's a good thing!) Brianna is doing very well. She is VERY stable. She hasn't had any breathing or heart rate problems since before surgery. She is completely breathing on her own & she no longer has any tube in her nose!

I just called the hospital & she is wide eyed & being very social. I am going to take in a mobile for her to look at. I have one of those butterfly developmental things that is attached to the side of the crib already there...but she can only look at that when she is on her side & she loves it. Don't know why I didn't think of bringing in the mobile earlier. DUH!

Anyways...they are keeping up on her pain medication now & she looks MUCH better.

I must say...I got a feeling yesterday afternoon before seeing Brianna last night. Must be my maternal instincts. I feel like she is going to pull through all of this & be just fine. I haven't felt this way the entire it has to mean something. When I saw her last night, my feelings proved to be true because she looked great.

Keep those prayers coming...I believe they are working!

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