Friday, March 1, 2002

Day 54

She had 3 bouts of apnea within 2 hours last night, each lasting about 30 seconds, and had gone so long that she turned blue. I was home alone for the first spell and was able to get her going again by stimulating her. A couple of PartyLite consultants were with me the second and third spell. I was on the phone with the hospital while Brianna was being held - again, they were able to massage her back into breathing.

Brianna & I took an ambulance ride back to the hospital & Kevin followed behind. Brianna has been readmitted.

It did happen 2 more times at the hospital, which I was somewhat thankful for. It allowed the nurses & even one of the doctors to see first hand what was going on. She is on an oxygen/heartbeat monitor at home, but I knew something was wrong before the alarms sounded. At this point we haven't a clue what is wrong. She has been stable the rest of the night after the last 2 episodes.

They are checking to see if it's RSV (Respiratory Synergis Virus). Which is a virus that is serious & can cause apnea. She was exposed to this in the NICU before she left & was treated with a shot (that cost $1000). But the doctor told us last night that it's not 100% sure to fight off the virus. I'm hoping its something as simple as that & nothing more.

The good news is when they measured her head last night; it was up .5 cm, which is EXCELLENT since it hadn't grown in 4-5 weeks.

They are going to do another CT scan today & another chest x-ray to see if something has changed. There is talk of doing another EEG as well. And of course, Seattle is coming closer & closer to us.

I'm starting to get a little worried. How long is this going to last? Will I be able to go back to work? Bills still have to get paid & on top of all of this, we were/are in the process of building a new house. What timing.

"God please help us get through this & get Brianna stable before May 20th so that I don't have to worry about paying the bills & can return to work, knowing that she is going to be ok."

I asked the doc last night if this is won of the hardest cases for them to have to solve....his's pretty high up there.

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