Sunday, March 3, 2002

Day 56

Brianna had 2 other apnea episodes Friday night. The RSV test has come back negative. We did find out that her blood sugar level was WAY low, 22, & should be between 80 & 100, which may have caused the apnea. We are also considering that the pyridoxine that she is taken could have caused it as well, it is one of the symptoms. The CT scan came back with no other new findings. Still awaiting the results of the EEG.

Her seizures are NOT under control & have progressively gotten worse the last 2 days. We have begun making arrangements to take her to Seattle for further care. We are waiting to talk to Dr Milstein in Seattle on Monday, to see if there are other medications he would like for us to try before getting on the plane to come see him. He is the head pediatric neurologist & came to visit her on the 20th of February. He recommended some treatment that can’t be done in Anchorage. If he says the magic word, we will be heading down there Monday or Tuesday. Who knows what’s in store for us then or how long we will be there.

I'll try to send something out before going to Seattle, if that is what happens,

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