Thursday, May 16, 2002

4 Months 10 Days

...back in the hospital. We took her back yesterday morning. She was having more bradicardia episodes (stopped breathing). She had them at the hospital and they have re-intubated her. Ironically we were heading there to see the Pediatric Neurologist from Seattle anyways, so he got to see her at her worst.

Once she stabilizes again, they are going to try hormonal steroid shots to try & control her seizures better. If that doesn't work, then we are going to try the Ketogenic diet. The shots will take about 2 weeks to get an idea on whether they will work or not. The diet will take a month or 2. So we are looking at a while before we will know for sure.

She will at least be in the hospital for a week while they start the shots. Kevin & I are pretty devastated. I go back to work on Monday & we just moved into our new home this past weekend. All was looking pretty good, & now we have another set back. to the hospital. Please keep us in your prayers.

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