Tuesday, April 30, 2002

6 Days Shy of 4 Months

The past 2 weeks have been pretty rough. She has been sleeping 23 ½ hours a day & having bursts of seizures throughout the day, 1 every 5-10 min. I called her pediatrician on Thursday & said we have got to do something. What good is it doing having her all drugged up & I’m still seeing seizures? So, he called down to Seattle on Friday & they recommended another drug. When he called me back on Friday, she had been awake for most of the afternoon!

I went & got the prescription filled anyways. The past 4 days she has done a complete turn around!! Awake all day & I’m only seeing 2-3 seizures A DAY! So I called her pediatrician on Monday & told him the great news. Also mentioned that I DIDN’T start the other medication since she started to come around. He was happy with my decision. I also suggested that we should go get a blood level check to see where we stand with her medications so we know where we need to target her in the future. He said “great idea”.

So I went Monday night & got that done. We are still pending her Topomax level (takes about a week). Her Phenobarbital level was 96.7 (targeting 90-100).

I am just so happy she has turned around again! It’s all about juggling medications. She has been so alert, focusing, & talking up a storm!

Other good news!! She started to hold her head up on her own & move it around!! YOU GO GIRL!!

Anyways, I’m rambling, but just very excited that things are looking up again.

We should also be moving into your new house this weekend!! HOW EXCITING!!

Take Care Everyone!!

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