Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jacob had an MRI today. The pediatric neurologist stopped by & gave us the results of that as well as the rest of the EEG. The MRI does show some asymmetry in the brain, however, it's pretty subtle & he doesn't think it's so abnormal that it's cause for concern (GREAT NEWS)! He said the white/gray matter of the brain is questionable, however, it is distinct, meaning you can see the difference in the white & gray areas of the brain (MORE GREAT NEWS). In Brianna's case, both of these were very prominent (not good news).
The EEG results are also fairly good news, of the 18 hours of coverage, there were only 14 instances of seizures, the longest lasting about a minute, while the others averaged about 45-50 sec.
He is very encouraged with the results so far & is also very pleased with how well Jacob is responding to the medication. He has ordered his medication be decreased by 30% because Jacob is still very sedated. Hopefully in the next couple of days, he will begin to wake up! He was on a nasal canula for a little while today; the medication has him so sedated that he just needed a little help with oxygen.
Overall Status: Good Day
Visitors: Colleen & Paige -- Why do I feel like I'm missing somebody?

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