Friday, July 29, 2005

Kevin & I stayed at the hospital in a parent/baby room last night. Since we were both so emotionally exhausted, we seemed to sleep fairly well. The pediatric neurologist has reviewed the first 6 hours of the EEG & during those 6 hours, he only saw 4 seizures. This means that the other rigid movements we are seeing are "myclonic". Now that he has confirmed there are indeed seizures happening, he's put Jacob on a drug called Klonopin. This drug is not only used as an anti-seizure medication, it's also used for relaxing the rigid ness in his arms & legs. We're hoping this drug will help Jacob in both cases. The neurologist will review the other 12 hours of the test & give us the results tomorrow.
Jacob spent all day sleeping. Until they figure out the level for which he needs to be on, he will be pretty sedated. Aside from that, the medication appears to be working. He's very relaxed & there are no signs of seizures and/or myclonic movements. He has also begun feedings via a tube down his nose.
Visitors Today: Kerry & Grandma, Heather & Sara, David & Heather, Barb & Chrysti, Pam, Colleen & Jen, Nicole, Laura & Jen, Celeste

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