Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Amanda & I hung out at home this morning while I caught up on some much needed laundry. She's definitely aware of something going on & missing/clinging to mommy when she can. I envisioned this being hard enough; having to manage 2 kids I knew would be challenging enough, but to have to have a sick one in the hospital & a thriving one at home; well that's just a bit more challenging then having them both at least I think it is...hehe.

After Amanda's nap I took her over to play with her cousin Lyndsey & headed off to see Jacob. He had a pretty quiet night & day. Physical Therapy was there to visit him for the first time & she was very pleased with how he reacted to it. She remembered working with Brianna and recognized the difference with Jacob right away. I will say one thing, although being back in the NICU is very hard, it's a good feeling when the Dr's, nurses, & other staff remember who you are from before. Brianna really left her mark on all of them.

Jacob had a little bit of awake time today, although he's still struggling with getting his eyes to open. I think he's just really sensitive to the light, hard to tell for sure. His eyes were looking alot better by the time we left this evening, not nearly as swollen.

They did decide to put the nasal canula back on today as he just wasn't keeping his oxygen level where they wanted it. It's on a very low amount & I suspect it won't be there for very long. This waiting period for his body to level out & get used to the medication is hard to wait on; I just want to see him awake & looking around.

I also forgot to mention; a couple days ago they drew some blood for a "Long Chain Fatty Acid" test. This test looks for many different genetic defects. It was sent off to Seattle Children's Hospital & the 2 page report came back today. Although some areas of the test were questionable, because of medication & IV fluids in his blood at the time, none of them provided us with a diagnosis; all were normal. I'm not sure if all the testing has been completed with this report, 

I will be talking with the Dr. about it in the morning.

Growth Stats:
Weight: 6 lbs 7.5 oz

Overall Status: Good Day
Visitors: Nicole, Chris Fraze, Grandma, Kerry & Jessika

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