Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Let me just start this entry with...God is Awesome! It's amazing what a difference one day can do. Jacob had an amazing day today. I arrived about 10:30am & the EEG machine was gone, however the wires were still attached. They kept them attached in case the coverage they received wasn't good enough, they could just hook the machine back up without reattaching everything.

About 4:30, they came back to remove the wires. Once the wires were removed, I was able to give Jacob his first bath, no wires attached! He absolutely loved it! He was so relaxed; opened up his eye (one is a bit swollen shut) & talked to me like crazy! Took a while to get all the gritty stuff out of his hair, and he just laid there, cooing like crazy. It was such a great feeling to finally hear him for more then just a peep.

Just as I was finishing his bath, the pediatric neurologist arrived with the results of the EEG. During the 24 hour study, Jacob only had ONE recordable seizure...PRAISE GOD! He also stated that although the atrophy of the brain is on the left side, the seizures are coming from the right side. Not sure what that really means at this point. The Dr is very encouraged by Jacob's progress. He wants to keep the medication the way it is, get Jacob awake & hopefully start nursing/sucking. As long as Jacob is stable & eating on his own, he will be able to come home.

In the beginning, he didn't feel it necessary to repeat the extensive testing that was done on Brianna; now he feels it's a very good idea, however it won't be done all at once. With Brianna it was more of an urgent matter because we couldn't get her seizures controlled; Jacob is a different story. All the testing can take place after he is stable & home with us.
He also received the report from the radiologist regarding the MRI...which was reported as normal...PRAISE GOD again!

Jacob also had an eye exam today. He really hated that craziness! Dr Arnold's report states that everything looks normal. He should also be having a hearing test in the next day or so, but I think he's hearing just fine. As I was leaving his bed side for a little while after he had his bath, he turned his head in the direction I was going. Go Jacob!

His rigid ness is also getting much better. He opened his hands quite a bit today & while I was messing with him he didn't clench them up. I also did some range of motion with him today & while I was working on his arms, he tended to stretch out his legs all by himself.

So with all this said, today was a very encouraging day. Kevin & I are feeling much better & are pleased with the approach the Dr wants to make with Jacob's care.

Overall Status: Great Day
Visitors: Michelle, Lisa Lopez, Grandma & Grandpa

Care package from the Garcia's
...ahhh snacks...
shouldn't I be losing weight now???

Look at all those wires!

Ouch...ya think you could be a bit more gentle
while you're tugging on my hair?

 Bath Time!

After Bath...Thanks Mom...I feel MUCH better!

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