Sunday, August 28, 2005

Happy one month birthday little man! I can't believe a month has gone by already. I was able to drag myself to see Jacob today for about 3 hours. He looks so good!! He's a little swollen so they may give him another dose of lacex to help with that. I witnessed complete calmness, eyes open & looking around, some twitches & maybe one true seizure while I was there today. I was there for his 2:00 feeding and as milk was going in his belly, I noticed him sucking his ventilator tube and he did it consistently! Could this be a sign of eating the right way someday?! One can only hope! He is also up to 40 cc's of breast milk every 3 hours.

Dr Parrish stopped in to visit with me. She is going to ask Dr Roderick Smith to come down & look at Jacob tomorrow. He is another Pediatric Neurologist & although Dr A. Johnson has been consulting with him, she thinks it would be a good idea for him to come observe & read his charts, as he would be looking at things from a different angle & fresh mind, just in case we might be missing something.

They removed his Artery IV line today, this was used for a constant blood pressure reading, as well as a place to draw blood for lab work without having to poke him all the time. They also removed the IV that was in his foot. He has one IV left & if his feedings go well, they will remove it in the next day or so.

He is down to 21% oxygen, which is what we breathe -- so he's essentially on 'room air'!! GO Jacob! The breaths per minute are still at 20, however they have decreased the pressure to 17.

When days are good, there isn't much to report! Thanks again to all of you that continue to keep us in your thoughts & prayers...the power of prayer is magnificent!

Overall Status: Great Day!
Visitors: Nonie & Papa
Dinner Provided By: Sarah Hoffman

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