Saturday, August 27, 2005

More good news! Jacob was awake for about 25% of the time during the day nurses shift! Unfortunately, I wasn't there for any of it as I came down with some sort of crud during the night. Timing was terrible, as Kevin is on the slope right now. Thankfully, sister-in-law came to take Amanda so I could get some much needed rest to try & kick this crud to the curb.

The nurse felt Jacob had even less twitching/seizures today & she definitely noticed moments when he was completely still & in a nice deep sleep. As she would do his cares, he would wake up & twitch more, but not near as much as he was.

Dr Jolley gave the order for Jacob to receive 4 - 20 cc feedings of Pedialite this morning. As of this evening, Jacob was tolerating the meds & feedings just fine & will start breast milk again tonight.

Dr A. Johnson did stop by about 7pm and watched the EEG for about 20 minutes. The nurse reported to me today that he was very happy with what he saw during that time.

Overall Status: Great Day
Visitors: None

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