Thursday, August 25, 2005

I've said it once, and I'll say it again...what a difference a day makes! Jacob is doing MUCH better! Although he's still having 90-100 seizures a day, he is much calmer & not twitching near as much. How you might ask? The seizures he is having, are brief ones that don't always show externally. It's so nice to see him relaxed & sleeping soundly versus always moving around & never looking like he's in a good sleep.

They have also started to wean him off the ventilator!! His lungs x-ray was amazingly different today. Both lungs were clearly visible & much more expanded! By the end of today, he was getting 20 breaths per minute, down from 45; a rate of 20 for air pressure, down from 29; & 30% oxygen, down from 100%.

This is a HUGE much so, they are hoping to try extubating him tomorrow! Thank God!! It's thought to believe that he may have had an infection & since he was on antibiotics for surgery, it's also helped clear up the infection. I don't care what the reason...I'm just happy the near future looks a little brighter.

He is also no longer on the morphine or the two antibiotics, and they have removed the tube in his nose that was used for drainage since the surgery.

Go Jacob Go! Dr A. Johnson is much happier with Jacob's status. Again, he's still having a lot of seizures, but they are much more controlled in a lot of ways & not a life or death threat.

Overall Status: Much Better
Visitors: Cindy & Linda, Grandma & Grandpa
Dinner Provided By: The Curtis Family

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