Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I spent the day at his bedside again. Since I can't hold him right now, I brought along a scrapbook project to keep me entertained. Jacob is still in a critical status. His lungs x-ray today was a big shock to us. His left lung is almost collapsed & his right lung is close to being. He has what's called a 'bell shaped' rib cage which is caused by the lack of proper lung expansion. He has a lot of fluid in his lungs, most of which is probably caused by aspirating prior to the surgery. We were told today that he may never be able to breathe without support. Argggg not something we want to hear.

He was hooked up to another EEG again today. Dr A. Johnson came to review some of it at his bedside & is very pleased with how the medications are working. He stated he looks better and when I asked define better "last week before we started Keppra, or before Sunday/Monday"; he said before Sunday/Monday, which is a good thing because the seizures he's having now aren't life threatening like they were earlier this week.

Once we can start putting fluids in his stomach again, which should be tomorrow morning, we can start trying some other medications. Since he is on an IV, there are only so many drugs you can try.

His night nurse turned off all the lights & closed the door to his room. Jacob really likes dark & quiet, he really calms down & goes into a deep sleep.

Overall Status: Critically Stable
Visitors: Colleen, Ivy, & Sara
Dinner Provided By: The Dilley's

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