Friday, September 2, 2005

It's official, Jacob has pneumonia. Poor guy, if it's not one thing it's another. The last 24-36 hours, Jacob has had in increase in myoclonis movements. About 4:30pm today, I was holding him & all of a sudden he began a vicious cycle of seizures. I could feel the progress of the seizures as they gained intensity. After about 4-5 in a row within 10 minutes, I called Dr Jacob, the neonatologist, to the bedside & asked that Dr A. Johnson be called.

After the doc's collaborated about what to do, a blood gas was drawn to see what his carbon dioxide levels were...result: in the 80's (normal range is in the 40's). Dr Jacob asked the respiration therapist (RT) to get them in the 60's...if you can't make it happen, come tell me.

RT made some changes to the ventilator settings & another gas was drawn an hour change in the level...and seizures are still going. After about 2 hours of pretty much non-stop seizures, they finally started to settle down & Jacob fell back asleep.

It's unclear; either the seizures are causing the respiratory issues or the respiratory issues are causing carbon dioxide levels to sky rocket which in turn triggers the seizures.

Dr A. Johnson will be in tomorrow for observation & will be hooking up another continuous EEG.

Overall Status: Good
Visitors: Nicole

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