Monday, October 22, 2007

Inspiration Notebook

Do you have a handy dandy notebook? (ha, couldn't resist!)

Do you have a notebook where you store ideas you find in magazines or the internet? I'm tired of lots of magazines sitting on my bookshelf, never to be looked at again when the next new one arrives!

So last week, I finally started to fix that issue. I spent some time this weekend & went through 99% of the mags I have & started tearing out the pages that caught my eye.

--Layout Design Ideas
-- # of photos
--Quote Ideas
--Topic/Subject Ideas
--Items I want to purchase!
--Technique Ideas
--Digital How To
--Color Combination Ideas
--Altered or Other Project Ideas
--Organization Ideas

Now I'm going to create a notebook using the above list as dividers within the notebook. So when I'm in need of some inspiration, I can go to one place & flip through the ideas that have already inspired me once.

If I implement the idea, and its going to stay in my own collection of layouts, projects, etc. then it comes out of the notebook & in the trash, because I can now reference the layout/project that I created!

Do you currently do this? Do you sort yours differently? I'd love to hear how others deal with the mountain of magazines they have!!!

I went from this...

to this...

Wahoo! Got me some room for more scrap crap! Now I just have to sort those pages & file them in a binder.

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