Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I've finally jumped on the bandwagon & started my own personal blog! Don't get me wrong, I've "blogged" for some major life events before blogging was really popular, so its not completely new to me.

As you begin to check out my new site, you may have noticed there is a ton of information for 2002 & 2005...thats from my other blogging days where I documented some major life events that were happening at the time.

Its funny the way my mind tends to think of life events. As I copied these entries from their previous location to include them here, I realized how much I have not done for Amanda and how important the 'other' life events really are.

As I attempt to remember the bits & pieces of her life the last 4 years, I feel as though I have totally cheated her! Where has the time gone? Where is all the important information that I've laughed, cried, & rejoiced in over the years?

I'll tell you where it is...its somewhere in the back of my mind...stuck...just waiting to be remembered, written down & shared with others, but most importantly, Amanda.

So this is my humble attempt to begin digging up the lost facts that surround my life & sharing recent ones as they come along before they too 'get stuck'.

Come along & enjoy the Journey with Jamie!

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