Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pre-K Pictures

One of the hardest things for a parent to do is pick which pictures you wish to buy. They have it down...multiple poses with multiple backgrounds for you to choose from...hoping that at least one of them will be 'good' enough for the parent to choose.

I arrive at school today to pick up Amanda with a big note on the door "Picture Pickup Today!" So before I enter the building, I go back to the truck for the credit card. Just inside the front door is the table setup, anxious parents ready to feast their eyes on their precious little ones picture perfect faces.

Last name?, she asks. Aldridge, I reply...few seconds later she is laying out 3 different poses where there is usually just two. Puzzled, I look down at the poses. Ohhh.....right...that day Amanda happened to have a cute matching jacket with the outfit she wore, hence the reason for one extra shot!

As I browse the images, trying to hard to figure out which ones I should get for the friends & family who I know are eager to see a recent picture of the smiling beauty, I am once again perplexed. How do I choose?

I like the way her skirt is laying in this one, oh but I like the way her head is tilting a bit for this one, the eyes aren't open as big as in these other two...etc etc.

This goes on for a good 5 minutes, meanwhile other parents are paying quickly & heading out the door, suddenly I look up & realize I'm the only one left...uggg now there's pressure!

$75.00 for all 3 poses? I ask. Oh no, she replies, $75.00 for 6 sheets, 4 magnets & 2 4x5 (which is just 2 poses)....$15 more for each sheet. GASP...decisions decisions.

So I look back down at the pictures of my sweet 4.75 year old & then back up at the women who's making a killing off of all us, then back down again.

OK, how much for all of it...give me a deal! I said to her. She thinks for about 2 seconds, $115.00 and thats with an extra $10 off, she replies. Gee, doesn't seem like much of a discount, I think to myself.

Ponder, pause, look them over again. OK, I'll take them all. The pressure! Its SOOO hard!

3 poses, 3 8x10, 6 5x7s, 3 4x5, 24 wallets, & 6 wallet magnets later...

Oh & did I forget to mention that 2 4x5 & 4 wallet magnets were black & white? When I asked, she informed me it was done by mistake & rather than reprint them they decided to see what the parents reaction was. Gee, thanks for adding more decisions to the ones I already have to make!

So, all my friends & family out there...the pictures are up for grabs...which ones do you want because I've made enough decisions already!

Pose #1

Pose #2

Pose #3


"Kreative Karma" said...

Oh what a big girl! These are beautiful!

Lianne said...

She is so beautiful! So good to "see" you Jamie :)

Kerry said...

psh...all three...hello!

I like #1 the best...she doesn't look so much like a bushbaby there..hmm...nope, she's still one...can't escape it.

I love you Amanda

Send me pics.

Jenn R said...

Oh my how Amanda has grown!! She is just as beautiful as she has always been! It is so good to hear from you! You guys have crossed my mind a lot, glad to see you are doing good.