Monday, April 1, 2002

12 Weeks 1 Day - Going Home to Alaska

Well everyone....we made it home! We took a commercial flight out of Seattle last night & arrived at 10 pm Easter Sunday. My wish was to be home for Easter...well I didn't get to celebrate the holiday at home...but I was for sure home before the day was over!

Brianna did a complete turn around the middle of last week & is doing great. She is still having some seizures but they are much more controlled now then they were when we left for Seattle.

There were a few road blocks on our way home that I would like to share with you...make you laugh a bit!

We were in first class & so far I was able to handle things on my own. We are in the air & it's time to feed her & give her medications. Well...some of the medications are tablet form & must be crushed & another is liquid. Since she is still fed through a tube in her stomach this can be a little tedious. I thought putting them down together & not letting them dissolve a bit first would be ok. Luck would have it...they got stuck in the tube. I tried to plunge them down, but Brianna reacted & out came the meds...all over her. The flight attendant kept asking me prior to this if I was ok & if I needed any I did FOR SURE! We had to ask the gentleman beside me to get out of his seat & stand while the attendant helped me. Here he first class for a relaxing ride...NOT! I felt so bad...but he was ok with it & knew that she was more important then his comfort. So we got all of that under control & went on our marry way.

The reunion with Dad was great...since Brianna still requires oxygen, he was able to come onto the plane when we landed to switch out the tanks...the smile on his face was priceless, it was a great moment.

On to the next story!

So I'm in baggage waiting for Kevin to come with the truck...and all of a sudden her oxygen tank fell over & the piece that the tube fits on breaks! OMG Now what?!?! That was a stressful moment. We were able to get the tube to fit over the nut as long as I held it tight. So that's what I did all the way home. Talk about STRESS!

Next story ~

Coming home was stressful too. She needed to be fed again, we were all tired, she needed to be suctioned (hadn't cleared her secretions in 9 hours so she was desating quite a bit), and I hadn't pumped in 9 hours! Of course most of this I had to take care of because Kevin didn't know where I had packed everything. More STRESS! Calm Jamie, Breathe!!!

Next Story ~

We finally are getting to bed, Kevin has to get up in 2 hours, so he is quite tired (as am I). I get Brianna in her bassinette & start her feed....luck would have it again! The tube came away from the syringe & milk went all over her & the bed. ARGGGG KEVIN help!!!!

Finally got her situated again & we were able to go to bed. Talk about a welcome home party! YIKES! Once in bed, stress left & we went right to sleep.

Anyways...hope you all enjoy my stories!

Thank you to all for your continued prayers...though the journey is far from over I hope that we are at least away from in-patient visits!

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