Friday, April 19, 2002

3 Months 13 Days

Brianna is still at home & doing fairly well. Since we have been home, we have had 1 pediatrician visit, 2 visits to the surgeon that did her feeding tube surgery, & 2 visits to the lab for blood work to make sure her Phenobarbital level is where we want it to be.

She has had a pretty rough week this week. Her seizures started escalating last Tues. I didn't worry about it too much because we were going to have a level check done on Wed. Sure enough her level had dropped. So we increased the meds. By Sunday night, her seizures had increase even more...having 1 every 5-10 min. After an hour & a half of this, I called the 24-hour line to my ped's office. Talked with another one of the doctors, & we decided to increase the meds again. I also had to turn up her oxygen from a 1/4 liter to a 1/2 a liter.

The next 4 days, she slept most of the time, was maybe up 2 hours total the last 2 days. Last night she finally had some awake time (of course now her days & nights are mixed up). Because of her sleeping so much she really hasn't handled her secretions well at last night I got out the stethoscope & listened to her lungs (yup learned how to do that too!)

She does have some fluid in her lungs. Poor thing. So I have been doing CPT (chest therapy) with her to help open up her lungs. She coughed out a lot of thick yucky stuff last I'm hoping that what I'm doing is working. Going to wait it out through the weekend & see how she does. She is already doing better today than yesterday.

We have started seeing the Infant Developmental people as of this week. We will be meeting every Monday to work on her developmental skills including feeding (my #1 priority).

As I said, this week was hard, but we managed to get by without taking her back to the hospital. I thought I was really going to break down (did a little)...the fear of taking her back was just too much for me.

In other news...

The house that we are building is almost done! The foreman said within a week & a half. HOW EXCITING! Our first home!

Also...I did a PartyLite fundraiser (with the help of a friend) while we were in Seattle. Sent out packets to 80+ hostesses of mine requesting their help in keeping my business going & also giving them the opportunity to see the new line. Total profit on that was $1200!! Which I thought was great considering only 4 people participated.

Anyways, I will try to post messages more frequently. But always keep in mind...if you don't hear from me...then things must be doing good, because I don't have time to post a message!!

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